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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

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The collected works of Jose Garcia Villa have been deemed worthy of being published as a Penguin Classic. Engage in nationalist consumerism and buy yourself a copy now! It'll probably disintegrate in a few years, what with the cheap paper it's printed on (my copy of the Penguin Noli has already fallen apart), but hopefully you'll have read through the entire book by then. (via Ian Casocot)

At long last, a copy of Resil Mojares' Brains of the Nation: Pedro Paterno, T.H. Pardo de Tavera, Isabelo de los Reyes and the Production of Modern Knowledge has found its way across the Pacific and on my desk deep in the heart of Texas. Intellectual history with empirical grit. A must read. Worth all the wait -- and the expense. Put it on top of your Filipiniana pile.

The Ateneo de Manila's journal Philippine Studies has gone digital. The full text versions of every single volume from 1986 onwards -- with older ones being added almost every day -- have been made available for download, even to non-subscribers. Except for the two most recent volumes, that is. Which is fair enough since most institutional and individual subsribers in the US don't receive copies of the journal until a year or two after they're published in the Philippines. More on this later. (via Von Totanes)

The Museo Oriental de Valladolid now has a website. View the Philippine artifacts collected by the Agustinian Fathers from their arrival in the Philippines to WW2. More on this later.

Raquel A. G. Reyes' Love, Passion and Patriotism: Sexuality and the Philippine Propaganda Movement, 1882-1892 has finally been released. Don't judge the book by its cover: the designers at the University of Washington Press should be ashamed of themselves.

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I am fascinated by your pile of books. Especially "Quiapo: The Heart of Manila" and "Philippine Art in Spain." OK, am bookmarking your site . . .
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