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Friday, September 16, 2005

: . Julia Child, WWII, and the Philippines:

From Hudgins, Sharon. "A Conversation with Julia Child, Spring 1984." Gastronomica 5.3 (Summer 2005): 105.
It’s interesting to me that we were so ill prepared [for the war]. I’ve just been reading William Manchester’s life of General MacArthur [American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur, 1880–1964]. In the Philippines we had nothing. Of course we thought these silly little yellow men were not to be taken seriously, and we could beat them before breakfast with our hands tied behind our backs. We had World War One guns, we had no airplanes, we had nothing. It was appalling to think how unprepared we were for the Philippines, and how much we lost just through ignorance and damn foolishness. I think that if we allowed ourselves to get into such a state of unpreparedness again, we would probably have that much trouble. It’s awfully hard to know what to do, but certainly
we should never be in a situation like that. And we shouldn’t overdo, either.

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