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Saturday, June 11, 2005

: . Philippine Studies

Recent articles on Filipinos and the Philippines published in English-language academic journals, roughly categorized then arranged by latest publication date. All the articles are available online or through interlibrary loan from American universities. For those who want to read the articles in the list but are unable to gain access to them may email me for assistance. Last year's list can be found here.

Spanish Colonial Period

The Historical Origins of the Philippine Economy: A Survey of Recent Research of the Spanish Colonial Era
by Josep M. Fradera
Australian Economic History Review 44,3 (November 2004): 307-320

Musical Politics of Empire: The Loa in 18th-Century Manila
by David Irving
Early Music 32,3 (August 2004): 383-402

In the Eye of the Storm: The Social Construction of the Forces of Nature and the Climatic and Seismic Construction of God in the Philippines
by Greg Bankoff
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 35,1 (February 2004): 91-111

The Sulu Zone Revisited (Review of Warren, Iranun and Balangingi: Globalization, Maritime Raiding and the Birth of Ethnicity)
by Heather Sutherland
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 35,1 (February 2004): 133-157

Forms of Consciousness in Noli me Tangere
by Benedict R. O'Gorman Anderson
Philippine Studies 51,4 (2003): 505-529

The Balangingi Samal: The Global Economy, Maritime Raiding and Diasporic Identities in the Nineteenth-Century Philippines
by James Francis Warren
Asian Ethnicity 4,1 (March 2003): 7-29

The Link that Kept the Philippines Spanish: Mexican Merchant Interests and the Manila Trade, 1571-1815
by Katharine Bjork
Journal of World History 9,1 (Spring 1998): 25-50

American Colonial Period

American Colonialism in the Philippines: Different but still Colonialism (Review of Go and Foster, The American Colonial State in the Philippines: Global Perspectives)
by Lydia N. Yu Jose
Diplomatic History 29,2 (April 2005): 343-347

Wants, Wages, and Workers: Laboring in the American Philippines, 1899-1908
by Greg Bankoff
Pacific Historical Review 74.1 (February 2005): 59-86

Resisting Slavery in the Philippines: Ambivalent Domestication and the Reversibility of Comparisons
by Michael Salman
Slavery and Abolition 25,2 (August 2004): 30-47

Review of Go and Foster, The American Colonial State in the Philippines: Global Perspectives
by Lanny Thompson
Pacific Historical Review 73,2 (May 2004): 340-341

The Athletic Crusade: Sport and Colonialism in the Philippines
by Gerald R. Gems
The International Journal of the History of Sport 21,1 (January 2004): 1-15

American Colonial Empire: The Limit of Power's Reach
by Julian Go
Items and Issues 4,4 (Winter 2003-2004): 18-23

Review of Vestiges of War: The Philippine-American War and the Aftermath of an Imperial Dream, 1899–1999
by Nick Cullather
The Journal of American History 90,3 (December 2003): 1051

Review of America's Boy: A Century of Colonialism in the Philippines and
The Philippine War, 1899–1902

by Joseph A. Fry
The Journal of American History 89,1 (June 2002): 241-2

Manuel L. Quezon, Douglas MacArthur, and the Significance of the Military Mission to the Philippine Commonwealth
by Richard Bruce Meixsel
Pacific Historical Review 70,2 (May 2001): 255-292

Postcolonial Period

The Left, Elections, and the Political Party System in the Philippines
by Nathan Gilbert Quimpo
Critical Asian Studies 37,1 (March 2005): 3-28

Filipino Public Opinion, Presidential Leadership and the US-Led War in Iraq
by Carijane C. Dayag-Laylo, Pedro Laylo, and Vladymir Joseph Licudine
International Journal of Public Opinion Research 16,3 (2004): 344-359

US Imperial Terror, Cultural Studies, and the National Liberation Struggle in the Philippines
by Epifanio San Juan Jr.
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 4,3 (December 2003): 516-522

Review of Billig, Barons, Brokers, and Buyers: The Institutions and Cultures of Philippine Sugar
by Liberty Ibanez Nolasco
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 35,3 (October 2004): 570-572

Philippine Politics and the Rule of Law
by Steven Rogers
Journal of Democracy 15,4 (October 2004): 111-125

"Cultural Minorities"

Indigenous Representation of the T'boli and the Tasaday Lost Tribe Controversy in Postcolonial Philippines: Interpreting the Eroticised, Effeminising Gaze in National Geographic
by David Hyndman
Social Identities 8,1 (March 2002): 45-66

Igorots and Indians: Racial hierarchies and conceptions of the savage in Carlos Bulosan's stories of the Philippines
by Joel Slotkin
American Literature 72,4 (December 2000): 843-866

The Foreign Question

Notes on Indonesian-Chinese and Filipino-Chinese Literature
by Caroline S. Hau
Southeast Asian Studies 42,1 (2004): 106-8

Middle Eastern Migrants in the Philippines: Entrepreneurs and Cultural Brokers
by William Gervase Clarence-Smith
Asian Journal of Social Science 32,3 (2004): 425-457

The Muslim Problem

Tourism-Terrorism: The Landscaping of Consumption and the Darker Side of Place
by Sally Ann Ness
American Ethnologist 32,1 (February 2005): 118-140

Faith in School: Educational Policy Responses to Ethno-Religious Conflict in the Southern Philippines, 1935–1985
by Jeffrey Ayala Milligan
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 36,1 (February 2005): 67-86

Mindanao on the Mend
by Ryan Anson
SAIS Review 24,1 (Winter-Spring 2004): 63-76

Muslim Separatism in the Philippines and Thailand
by A.M. Rabasa
The Adelphi Papers 43,358 (July 2003): 47-57

Separatism and Southeast Asia: The Islamic Factor in Southern Thailand, Mindanao, and Aceh
by Peter Chalk
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 24,4 (July 2001): 241-269

Balik-Islam: Christian Converts to Islam in the Philippines, c. 1970-98
by Luis Q. Lacar
Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations 12,1 (January 2001): 39-60

Armed Muslim Separatist Rebellion in Southeast Asia: Persistence, Prospects, and Implications
by Andrew Tan
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 23,4 (October 2000): 267-288


When States Prefer Non-Citizens Over Citizens: Conflict Over [Filipino] Illegal Immigration into Malaysia
by Kamal Sadiq
International Studies Quarterly 49,1 (March 2005): 101-122

Review of Choy, Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History
by Patricia A. Schechter
Pacific Historical Review 74,1 (February 2005): 142-143

Migration and the Sensuous Geographies of Re-Emplacement in the Philippines
by Deirdre McKay
Journal of Intercultural Studies 26,1-2 (February–May 2005): 75-91

Catholic Capital: Consuming Manuel Ocampo
by Patrick D. Flores
positions: east asia cultures critique 12,3 (Winter 2004): 687-710

Legacies of the "Innocent" Frontier: Failed Memory and the Infantilized Filipina Expatriate in Jessica Hagedorn’s Dogeaters
by Debra T. Werrlein
Journal of Asian American Studies 7,1 (February 2004): 27-50

Review of Fujita-Rony, American Workers, Colonial Power: Philippine
Seattle and the Transpacific West, 1919-1941

by Vicente L. Rafael
Pacific Historical Review 73,1 (February 2004): 147-150

Review of Espiritu, Homebound: Filipino American Lives Across
Cultures, Communities, and Countries

by Donna R. Gabaccia
Pacific Historical Review 73,1 (February 2004): 150-151

Global Migrations, Old Forms of Labor, and New Transborder Class Relations
by Filomeno V. Aguilar Jr.
Southeast Asian Studies 41,2 (September 2003): 137-61

Nation and Migration: Going Underground in Japan
by Caroline Sy Hau
Philippine Studies 51,2 (2003): 217-255

Transnational Drifters or Hyperspace Dwellers: An Exploration of the Lives of Filipino Seafarers Aboard and Ashore
by Helen Sampson
Ethnic and Racial Studies 26,2 (March 2003): 253-277

Migrant Heroes: Nationalism, Citizenship and the Politics of Filipino Migrant Labor
by Robyn M. Rodriguez
Citizenship Studies 6,3 (September 2002): 341-356

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