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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

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The Travel Diaries of Jose Rizal - A weblog of entries from the English translation of the collected "Diarios y Memorias" of Jose Rizal. Entries will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They will be supplemented with letters that Rizal wrote to family, friends, and fellow propagandists. This project will go live this coming April.

Forging a Nation - The full text of works concerning the critical reception of Glenn Anthony May's Inventing a Hero: The Posthumous Re-Creation of Andres Bonifacio will be posted online. Excerpts from the historical materials that May's book subjects to scrutiny will also be included along with as many versions of as many of the writings unproblematically attributed, before the publication of May's book, to Andres Bonifacio. Readers who have already written on Bonifacio or on Glenn May's book are invited to share their work provided that those works are scrupulously and professionally footnoted to avoid complicating matters even further -- the unprofessional handling of historical materials for May is, after all, the root of all evil. This project will go live sometime in June (to coincide with Philippine Independence Day?) when the necessary permissions have been requested and granted.

[A teaser from "Author says he's not questioning Bonifacio's heroism--but historians' methodology" by Glenn Anthony May, Philippine Daily Inquirer (May 19, 1997): G1
    A large part of the Guerrero-Villegas article consists of ad hominem attack and innuendo. The authors tell readers that attendance at the launching was "sparse," and the "noticeably absent were heavyweight personalities from the major history departments of the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila."

    They claim that the day before the launching I "was able to wrangle and invitation to speak before a class at the Ateneo." They point out that the book "had initially been offered to and rejected by a major university press." They charge me with being prejudiced against Filipinos" and "paranoid." They imply that I am "an incompetent alien." They tell readers that my book "would be an embarrassment to any Filipino academic institution that purports to have a history program... May's 'Inventing a Hero' explains why he ended up teaching in Oregon, in the great American wilderness, far from the important universities with the major grant programs."

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