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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

: . On Loss:

From Sorrow by Claribel Alegria:
    Searching for You

    I went out searching for you
    crossing valleys
    and mountains
    ploughing distant seas
    asking of the clouds
    and the wind your whereabouts
    it was all useless
    you were within me.

    Everything Speaks of Death

    Everything speaks to me of death
    the flower opening
    the bird moving across
    the tide
    the sunset
    Why does this poem
    ask to be born?

    This Is a Night of Shadows

    This is a night of shadows
    of sword-memories
    solitude overwhelms me.
    No one awaits my arrival
    with a kiss
    and rum
    and a thousand questions.
    Solitude echoes within me.
    My heart wishes
    to burst with rage
    but it sprouts wings.

    It Cannot

    can't cope with me
    I lead it toward life
    and it evaporates.

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