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Friday, October 04, 2002

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Quickly, since I only have 10 minutes left on my easyInternetCafe ticket. So I saw Flower Drum Song last night with Erna and her fellow artivists. To put it charitably, I think Lea Salonga was having a bad day. She never did have much range as an actress and I think her best roles have been in Disney cartoons where she only appears as a disembodied presence, as a singing voice for a character much more "animated" than she'll ever be in real life. But then again, since she was playing a fresh off the boat refugee from communist China, maybe she thought she was being true to her role by enunciating her English and by moving about woodenly like a figure from a piece of protest art. Or maybe, since her character's father was a great Chinese opera performer, the stage director requested that she limit her movements to the standard repertoire of gestures and facial expressions of that ancient theatrical tradition.
{To be continued on Friday, when I actually have the time to read the press releases and to watch the film version of the old Flower Drum Song}

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