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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

: . Lost and Found:

I. A list of items found inserted in a library copy of Primo Levi’s The Periodic Table, last due date SEP 03 02:
    1. Page 2 of 2 of a black and white printout of an email message sent to a Hotmail account. The printout was made on 06/06/02 at 15:13. Apart from an MSN logo on the top of the page, the sheet is mostly blank. Below the MSN logo is written, in black ink, the following:
    Epistemology => a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge.

    2. A list of the following books with their corresponding authors and library call numbers:
    Konin by Theo Richmond
    Wartime Lies by Louis Begley
    Lost in Translation by Eva Hoffman
    The War After by Anne Knapf
    Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels
    The Holocaust Industry by Normal Finkelstein
    Unclaimed Experience and Trauma both by Cathy Caruth
    Flights of Love by Bernhard Schlink

    3. A printout of a map of Ithaca, NY from mapquest. On it are written the following symbols:
    a) An asterisk, in black ink near the corner of S Fulton St and Cleveland Ave
    b) A filled circle, in black ink near the corner of E State St and S Cayuga St
    c) A circled cross, in blue ink near the corner of Lake Ave and Monroe St. Above it, also in blue ink: $510/mo.
    On the white space below the map, all in black ink are written the following:
    a) The address and phone number of the Ithaca office of the Dept. of Labor. Right next to this: an asterisk in parenthesis.
    b) The address and phone number of the Ithaca branch of Manpower. Right next to this: a filled circle in parenthesis.
    d) The phone number, with a Manhattan area code, of a Robert Hoover.

II. From the same book, a random selection of phrases underlined in black ink (Never ever write anything in ink on a library book. In fact, never ever write anything with any writing implement on a library book.):
    1. knowledge lives elsewhere (53)
    2. and we realized that the war had drawn closer and that history had resumed its march (129)
    3. I was writing concise and bloody poems, telling the story at breakneck speed (151)
    4. Here at this point I remembered that all languages are full of images and metaphors whose origin is being lost (150)
    5. the enemy of violence but not yet caught up in the necessity of an opposed violence (57)
    6. one must and could resist Fascism (51)
    7. That conquering matter is to understand it (41)
    8. one must distrust the almost-the-same, the practically identical, the approximate, the or-even, all surrogates, and all patchwork (60)
    9. The book grew under my hands, almost spontaneously, without plan or system, as intricate and crowded as an anthill (152)

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