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Thursday, August 01, 2002

: . 'The one that got away':

Straight from Helsinki, here is the one and the only Stanley Fish Resources Center! Who would have thought that Stanley Fish would ever become the subject of a long-distance intellectual romance? Of course, for anyone who has been keeping up with the ups and downs of the American academic star system this is probably old news. I however have been so out of touch that my jaw dropped when I first chanced upon the site. Some highlights:

Every year a New York Times Op-Ed piece shoots out full grown from the mind of Stanley Fish. Styling himself as an Ivory Tower native speaker (or oracle or Shakespearian fool), Stanley Fish uses these Op-Ed pieces not only to draw attention to himself but also to inject a little postmodern zing into the latest preoccupations of the American punditocracy like political correctness, affirmative action, porn in the classroom, and, most recently, the fate of postmodern thought after 9/11. A few months ago, I managed to gather a decade's worth of these Op-Ed pieces through a Lexis Nexis search. I'll try to post them in a few hours.

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