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Sunday, June 02, 2002

: . Exceptional Grief:

Jessica Hagedorn, from Notes from a New York Diary (9:20 A.M., September 11, 2001):
    I think of the troubled Mindanao region of the Phiippines, where I've just been. Where the surreal and the real are one and the same. Where the sunsets are the most glorious on earth and acts of violence are a daily occurence. Where an equally vicious sense o humor seems the only sane and logical response. Chaos reigns, life is cheap and everything is possible in the country where I was born. The people adapt, the people survive, the people retain their grace and sense of irony and humor. But thirty years in New York has made me soft -- I am cocooned by arrogance and privilege, prone to First World delusions. I thought I lived in the toughest city in the world and was therefore safe.

Are we in a war? Do we have an enemy? by Slavoj Zizek
As It Happens
For the record--World Trade Center

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