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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

: . For the Comparative Slavery folks, supplemental readings for next week's discussion on the Revolutionary Atlantic:

From the North American Slave Narratives project, the full text of four slave narratives from the 18th century:

Reviews of The Many-Headed Hydra, mostly from non-academic publications, by the following historians:
  • Robin Blackburn, in the Boston Review
  • Ira Berlin, in the Washington Post Book World
  • David Armitage, in Reviews in American History
  • James Walvin, in the Times Higher Education Supplement
  • Stephen Howe, in the New Statesman

Reviews of related readings:
  • E. P. Thompson on Marcus Rediker's Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Merchant Seamen, Pirates, and the Anglo American Maritime World, 1700-1750
  • Robin D.G. Kelley on Peter Linebaugh's The London Hanged: Crime and Civil Society in the Eighteenth Century
  • Eric Lott on Paul Gilroy's The Black Atlantic: Modernity and the Double Consciousness
  • Caryl Phillips on Jeffrey Bolster's Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail
  • Peter Kolchin on Robin Blackburn's The Making of New World Slavery: From the Baroque to the Modern, 1492-1800
  • Christopher Hitchens on Robin Blackburn's The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery: 1776-1848

I've also put a copy, on reserve, of the David Brion Davis v. Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker spat published in the New York Review of Books. I've inserted it in the folder containing the "Slavery, Work, and Modernity" (that, um, brilliant essay).

Finally Robin D.G. Kelley's But a Local Phase of a World Problem: Black History's Global Vision, 1883-1950.

There may be typographical errors. Enjoy.

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