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Wednesday, April 25, 2001

: . The pu-pu platter Crossfire:

From the Left Naomi Klein and from the Right Fareed Zakaria. The topic: the Summit of the Americas. More reports from Quebec. The basic conservative script: if you're young and leftist then your beliefs are nothing but youthful fancy. But naive idealists soon grow up to be sober realists. So rant, rave, and be merry for tomorrow you too will own a gas-guzzling SUV and adhere to the precepts of conventional wisdom. A fate worse than death?

From the Left Barbara Kingsolver and from the Right Gregg Easterbrook. The topic: Dubya's policy on the environment. Another environmentalist angle. But environmentalism isn't the preserve of the Left alone, no? Leftists are a bunch of softies but conservatives are, oooh, Hard Green. Click away for this latest political hybrid. Direct from the labs of Monsanto?

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