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Thursday, February 01, 2001

: . Patricio Abinales: EDSA II should make us “fearful of the fact that no matter how popular it was…it was also part of an unconstitutional act in which the most feared and most undemocratic of state agencies—the military—became a decisive factor in the resolution of the crisis.” It was also “led by the most undemocratic and opportunistic of organizations, elites, and personalities” from the human rights-abusing cabal of ex-Marcos thugs Ramos/De Villa/ Almonte; the trapo-led and corrupt Lakas party; the Church; and the organized Left which “early in the last decade…conducted the most undemocratic purges of members and activists that its guru, Joema Sison, branded as revisionists, collaborators, and heretics.” And what of the “acting president” GMA? “Five adjectives that describe her political persona …are: trapo, burgis, ambitious, overrated, and survey-driven.”

What can you expect from a woman who told Asiaweek, in defense of her own entrenched class, that “if you become an oligarch by dint of hard work, well that’s what capitalism is all about. But if you become an oligarch because you are a crony, you use your connections, you evade the law, that’s another matter. The problem of our country is governance, not oligarchs.” Yes, Pilar and yes, Pepe, there is such a thing as a good oligarch. When pressed about her plans regarding Erap’s cronies she offers us more excuses: “It is not a question of personalities. You go after those who violate the law. The whole ruling elite does not violate the law."

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