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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

: . Now how fabulous is that. The New Yorker is now online! Check out Nicholas Lemman’s article on the Bush tax cut proposal and the online exclusive: an interview with Alice Munro. Better yet, get a damn subscription and join the ranks of the pretentious, wanna-be cultural elite.

: . I must have seen every episode of Jewish Cooking in America at least three times. I've never seen last sunday's episode though. It was the Jewish deli episode and seeing Joan Nathan eating that bowl of chicken soup with giant matzo balls at the Carnegie Deli made my mouth water. Never (!) in my life have I had chicken soup with matzo balls but since last sunday I've been craving that dish as if I were raised on it. What to do in cosmopolitan Hagerstown, MD? Why go to the SuperWalmart of course and get the next best thing: Manischewitz condensed chicken soup with THREE matzo balls. Yum. The best (and first) canned soup I've ever had. A tip: I thought the soup would be richer if I added only half a can of water instead of a whole can's worth to the condensed soup. This made the soup slightly salty but it was still good. Still, for the best taste don’t fool around with the instructions. Also, unless you’re a big hulking lumberjack, a can (plus a whole can of water, mind you) is good for two. Nuke for 3 minutes or until hot.

The next item on my list? Manischewitz instant latkes. With apple sauce, of course.

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